Welcome to buzzdetect’s documentation!

Buzzdetect provides several services required to populate a database of posts from various sources such as youtube, twitter and facebook with different background jobs as well as a REST API and web UI.

The buzzdetect project code mostly consists of Python using the Django framework with Django Channels.

It requires Docker, PostgreSQL and Redis to run and is tested and deployed by GitLab-CI, therefore this guide assumes that readers are already familiar with all these. Otherwise, please refer to the upstream documentations which are meant to be exaustive.

It runs with docker swarm in production: docker-compose.yml contains the list of services and scheduled commands this project needs to operate fully.

The repository is hosted on GitLab.com/jpic/buzzdetect and its documentation is located in docs/ directory and hosted on GitLab pages. The running production instance is hosted on bd.yourlabs.org.

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